Singapore Liquidation, Incorporation and Related Corporate Services

Tax & GST Matters

We provide the following compliance services in respect of tax work

For corporation tax, we will prepare a tax computation and compile the tax return using prescribed form based on information and documents to be furnished by the business owners. We will assist in filing of an Estimated Chargeable Income. We also assist individuals to compile their annual income tax returns.

For GST (Goods and Services Tax), we help to submit an application to register the company with the tax authorities. Thereafter, we compile a GST report based on information and documents to be furnished to us before filing the GST return (say on a quarterly basis).

Our fee is depending on the volume of transactions, complexities, frequency, urgency and any other specific reporting requirements. Our minimum fee starts at SGD300.

If you require assistance to attend to any tax queries or tax objections which may be complicated, long drawn and/or may involve work of investigative nature, we shall assess the context and provide our fee quote accordingly.