Singapore Liquidation, Incorporation and Related Corporate Services

Secretarial Support Work

Our corporate secretarial support work includes the following services

  • provision of a nominee secretary who is generally a professional accountant, chartered secretary or a qualified person under the Legal Profession Act of Singapore;
  • assisting the directors (and company secretary) to maintain the statutory records and the common seal. We will also facilitate the company’s auditors to do a review of the statutory records, if required;
  • provision of routine board resolutions such as changes in the officers of the company and their particulars, opening/closing of bank accounts, acceptance of financing facilities, annual general meeting and the incidental filing of an annual return;
  • crafting non-routine resolutions such as increase in capital, merger and acquisition, etc at an additional fee subject to the content and complexity of the resolutions; and
  • preparing financial statements in eXtensible Business Report Language (XBRL) format to facilitate the filing of the same with ACRA.