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Why Choose Moneyworks Accounting Software

MoneyWorks Singapore

The powerful accounting and business information software for both Mac and Windows. As the cornerstone to your business, your accounting software needs to do so much more than just bookkeeping and compliance. We are authorised reseller for the MoneyWorks Accounting Software in Singapore.

Why Choose MoneyWorks for your Accounting Needs

  • MoneyWorks is made in New Zealand by Cognito Software Ltd. It was designed for GST from the onset; it is in compliance with the requirements set out by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.
  • MoneyWorks it is eligible for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) claim.
  • MoneyWorks is capable of operating in both Windows and Mac operating systems. What this means is that MoneyWorks can be used across a network with a mixture of Mac and Windows computers; and hence protect your investment in it if you decide to change your computer.
  • MoneyWorks is capable of interfacing with other systems.

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