Singapore Liquidation, Incorporation and Related Corporate Services

CPE Programmes

CPE Programmes for Practicing Accountants

Professional Conduct & Ethics for Insolvency Practitioners (code: E120)

This seminar provides an overview of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Insolvency Practitioners by the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Singapore (the “IPAS Code”), including a discussion related to the conduct of Insolvency Practitioners as reported in media sources/government gazette in relation to integrity, objectivity and due care. Three case authorities before the Singapore court of appeal on independence and transparency will also be highlighted.

Liquidation Fundamentals (code: IR012)

This seminar provides an introductory overview on liquidation to acquaint participants with a glimpse of the administration work involved.

It will also deal with inquisitive questions pertaining to whether a wound-up company can be revived; and if so, what impact it does have on the administration by the liquidator. A recent case authority will be shared in this regard.

Investigations for Insolvency & Liquidation Cases (code: IR013)

This seminar focuses on the need for; and aspects of conducting investigations in liquidation cases and areas to look out for by a liquidator.

Receivership (code: IR019)

This seminar provides an overview of Receivership and its operation. The seminar will demonstrate the unique agency duties of a receiver and the tripartite relationship of the administrator. It will end with a case authority on the equity rights of redemption of a mortgagor.