Singapore Liquidation, Incorporation and Related Corporate Services

Accounting & Compilation of Financial Statements

Directors are mandated to keep proper books of accounts in sufficient details to explain the transactions and financial position of the company.

Based on the documents and information to be furnished in sufficient details to us, we help to write up and keep the books of accounts necessary to explain the transactions and financial position of the company so as to facilitate the directors to discharge their statutory duties and if required, to facilitate an annual audit to be carried out.
The accounting service may be carried out either on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis depends on the volume of transactions and urgency.

Our fee is depending on the volume of transactions, complexities, frequency, urgency and any other specific reporting requirements (say, the company’s functional currency is not Singapore Dollars). Our minimum fee starts at SGD300.

If required, we also assist the company to compile annual financial statements in relation to the Eighth Schedule of the Companies Act for the following information to be attached to an annual return:

  1. the report and statement of its directors;
  2. its last balance sheet;
  3. its last income statement (or profit and loss accounts);
  4. its notes to the account; and
  5. if the company is subject to an audit, the report of the auditors.